The Sims Book Tag

The Sims Book Tag was created by Hails Hearts Nyc! I’ve been playing the Sims ever since TS2 came out! I still play it, so I’m excited to do this tag!

I created the images below, so please give me credit if you use them!

sims1.pngNot a great way to start this tag, since it’s such a cliché answer, but Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone must be one of the best debuts ever. I never have the feeling when reading it that J.K. Rowling’s writing got better as the series goes on, or the plot, since both are great to begin with!

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller is another amazing debut.

sims2.png[warning: huge spoilers ahead for A Song of Ice and Fire #3, A Storm of Swords!!!]

When Catelyn, Robb and Grey Wind get murdered, I didn’t cry very much. Still, their deaths make me so sad. It bears so much meaning. In ASOIAF, the good guys rarely ever win. The Starks have been through so much and their bad luck never ends. I really miss these characters.

There are other character deaths that were more heartbreaking to read, but these are really the ones I’ll probably never get over.

sims3.pngI would have liked the Falling Kingdoms series much more if Cleo didn’t get any POVs. Unfortunately, she’s an essential character to the series and I couldn’t stand her. Therefore, I decided to not continue the series, after DNF’ing Rebel Spring.

Because I dislike Clary Fray, I couldn’t finish City of Ashes. I might have continued the series if she wasn’t the main character, but alas…

sims4.pngI love Maggie Stiefvater’s writing in The Raven Cycle. When I first read The Raven Boys, it took some time getting used to, but now, I’m in love with it. She manages to tell a story so beautifully while, very subtly, interweaving foreshadowing.

sims5.pngI’ve only read the first three books in A Song of Ice and Fire, but each one was even better than the last. That’s probably because of Game of Thrones. As the seasons go on, the show follows the books’ plot less and less. Therefore, I can still get surprised while reading them, even after having re-watched the series many times.

sims6.pngI could almost include every Young Adult book I’ve read in here. It happens so many times, not to mention those unnecessary love triangles. It’s not easy choosing the book which features the worst case of instalove, since I dislike it in every book where it happens. I’m currently reading Rebel of the Sands and the little hints of romance make it difficult for me to continue reading it. I know the inevitable romance is going to happen and I’m already dreading it.

Some other books where the instalove drove me insane are City of Bones, Falling Kingdoms, I’ll Give you the Sun and The Young Elites.

sims7.pngI did not enjoy reading To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. I thought it was very predictable and the protagonist sounded like she was actually thirteen years old.

Kindred Sprits by Rainbow Rowell wasn’t realistic either.

sims8Juliette from the Shatter Me series is one of the characters I dislike most. She made such bad decisions, if she managed to make any at all. She was indecisive and kept so many things a secret, which meant the plot just dragged on.

sims9.pngI have to go with Shatter Me again. I loved the first book, but I got annoyed with Juliette too much while reading the other ones. I will never read this series again, because I know I wouldn’t enjoy reading Shatter Me reading a second time.

sims10.pngWhile reading All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, I actually had to study for my exams. But I couldn’t put it down! When I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about the characters. I’m not the biggest romance fan, but I totally wanted these characters to get together!

(written July 25th, 2016)


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