book covers: make me choose!

Today, I’m going to do something different: instead of doing a tag, I will compare book covers (US vs. UK editions, cover changes…) and choose the one I like best πŸ™‚ I will only look at the aesthetics of the cover, not whether it matches the actual story.

I judge books by their covers. Even if a book has many mixed reviews, I might still get it if the cover looks really stunning. If one has an ugly cover, there’s a chance I won’t buy it.

To prevent this list from going on endlessly, I will only talk about book covers I own. Naturally, I won’t discuss every book on my shelves πŸ˜‰ Anyway, let’s get started!

1. Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

status: read and own The Assassin’s Blade and Throne of Glass, own Crown of Midnight


I own the UK paperback editions (not all of them though) and while I like those, I think the US hardcovers (and paperbacks) are much prettier. Just look at Queen of Shadows, for example. I really don’t like the vibrant blue used in the UK paperback, whereas I absolutely love the hardcover edition.

winner: US editions!

2. Uprooted by Noami Novik

status: TBR, own the edition on the left


At first, I didn’t like the yellow edition at all. I had to have the one on the left. But since, I have seen it in a couple of videos on BookTube and the yellow edition does look stunning. Even though these covers are completely different, I like them both very much. The one I have is more minimalistic, but the one on the right looks like a fairytale.

winner: It’s a tie!

3. The Bone Season series by Samantha Shannon

status: TBR, own original paperback and hardcover of The Bone Season and original hardcover of The Mime Order

boneseason_bg.pngI haven’t even read this series, yet I am so bitter about this cover change. Look how beautiful they were! I can’t believe an entire group of people decided the new covers were better. They look generic (there are probably millions of fantasy series with similar covers) and honestly, plain ugly.

Thankfully, they are also going to release collector’s editions in the future, which match the previous covers. Every series that undergoes a cover change in the middle of publication, should do this. Otherwise, it’s not fair to those who already own the books because their copies won’t match anymore.

I own The Bone Season both in hardcover and paperback. I originally got the paperback, but when I found out about the cover change, I decided I was going to collect the entire series in the original hardcovers. That’s how far I’m willing to go for my series to match, even when I haven’t read them yet!

winner: original covers!

4. The Winner’s trilogy by Marie Rutkoski

status: read The Winner’s Curse, own trilogy in original paperbacks


This series is a mess. I’m not talking about the content, but the amount of covers there are! My paperbacks look different than the ones in the first row. It was so difficult finding the right editions in order for my series to match.

I don’t hate the new covers, but the old ones are a million times better. In comparison, they do look ugly, whereas they probably aren’t if you were to look at them individually.

winner: original covers!

Β 5. A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

status: read the first three books, currently reading A Feast for Crows, own mass paperbacks

asoiaf.pngEven though I’m not a fan of its size, I do like the covers of the mass paperbacks. I’m curious to see which other colours they will come up with. The covers on the right look fan made, but in a good way. I’ve never seen covers like it and I actually prefer them. If they were hardcovers instead, I’d buy them. But I don’t see the point in buying the same series in paperback multiple times (besides Harry Potter), so I will collect hardcovers instead.

winner: covers on the right!

6. I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson

status: read, own orange paperback

i'll_give_you_the_sun.pngI really don’t like the white paperback of I’ll Give You the Sun. It looks as if the cover hasn’t been revealed yet and it’s a temporary promotional picture. The other editions look completely different, but I like them both. I honestly don’t know which one I prefer. My copy has gorgeous orange-stained edges, so I might go for the edition on the left, just because of that πŸ™‚ But I really like them both.

winner: It’s a tie between the first two covers!

7. Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

status: TBR, own UK edition


As you may have noticed by now, I prefer minimalistic book covers. Therefore, I prefer the UK edition. The US one has much more going on and looks a bit outdated. It looks like a book that was released in 2003, instead of 2016.

Unfortunately, my copy of Nevernight doesn’t have those beautiful black- or red-stained edges 😦

winner: UK edition!

8. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

status: currently reading, own Arrow edition


I own the edition on the left. It looks as if there is a texture on the cover, but that’s not true when you actually see it. Still, it’s miles better than the other ones. I don’t feel bad when I say those are very ugly. Really, some of the ugliest covers I have ever seen. The blue one in the middle looks as if it was actually published when Bonnie Prince Charles was still alive and I’m never a fan of covers with real people on them. Not even when it features the love of my life (Claire, not Jaime!).

winner: edition on the left!

9. The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

status: read, own black paperbacks and original hardcovers


My sister owns the black paperbacks of The Hunger Games trilogy. But because we have both read them, they aren’t in perfect condition anymore. So I decided to buy the hardcovers for myself. I definitely prefer my sister’s edition, but my hardcovers are pretty too. I really don’t like those other paperbacks though. You can barely see the title! Not all of the books in the series are called The Hunger Games, yet it’s the only thing you see! Furthermore, I don’t like the different splashes of colour.

winner: black paperbacks!

10. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

status: read, own all of the editions below


There are so many different editions of the Harry Potter series, so I decided to only include the ones I am collecting (and only pictures of Philosopher’s Stone). Yes, I am currently in the process of collecting 5 different editions of the same series! The first one you see is a part of the 2014 Bloomsbury editions, which I own in hardcover. I’m currently looking for used books of the US hardcovers. I plan on buying all the illustrated editions as soon as each one comes out. I own a set of the UK paperbacks (with white covers) and finally, I also own the Dutch versions. I own more editions than these, but I don’t plan on collecting all books in the series for them. Five is more than enough πŸ˜‰

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I’m absolutely in love with my 2014 Bloomsbury editions!

winner: the 2014 Bloomsbury hardcovers!

Do you agree with my choices? How do you feel about cover changes? How do you decide which edition to buy? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “book covers: make me choose!

  1. lladyliterary says:

    I agree with all your choices! What you said about minimalism really rings true for me and book covers as well – they’re just nicer to look at πŸ˜„ The Nevernight US cover is a prime example of that for me, lol.

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