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Top Five Wednesday was created by gingerreadslainey and is now hosted by Thoughts on Tomes ! Visit the Goodreads group if you’re interested in joining! This week’s topic is:

October 19th: Favorite Non-Canon Ships–These are the couples you love, but they never got together in canon (canon meaning: what actually happened in the text). Or that did get together, but weren’t together in the end of the series. Or a couple you ship but it’s actually impossible for them to be together because they are from different worlds, franchises, etc. Let your shipper heart run wild. I know mine will.

Where do I begin? This list could easily include more than five ships! I’m going to talk about pairings from TV shows and films as well, as I find myself shipping more characters there. Furthermore, I won’t include ships that recently might have e.g. split up, because I don’t want to spoil anyone.

As you will notice, my list only features non-straight pairings. For years, I was exposed to so many heterosexual couples on TV, in films…, it has become boring. The fact that I am queer certainly has something to do with that. I’m still trying to determine where I belong on the spectrum, but I consider myself bisexual at the time, though I might be pansexual.

Before I get started, I also want to discuss the fetishisation of primarily gay men among young girls. This issue has recently been brought to my attention, and even though I am certainly no expert, I wanted to mention it, as most of my ships are gay. There are some girls who love shipping gay men and love reading fanfiction of their pairings. But when it comes to people who are gay in real life, they are not as accepting when they don’t match their idea of the ‘gay best friend’. If you think reading gay fanfiction is hot, but don’t care about the struggles the LBGTQ- community has to deal with, you are fetishising them.

Anyway, let’s get started! Here are some of my favourite non-canon ships, in no particular order:

1. Stormpilot (Poe Dameron & Finn – Star Wars)

I won’t even get started on the lack of diversity in the Star wars franchise (or pretty much any other franchise), but I do believe Stormpilot will become canon one day. I mean look at that look on Poe’s face!


My biggest fear for this franchise is the possibility that Rey and Finn might become canon instead. I love both characters and they have great dynamics, but I don’t want it to evolve into something romantic.

2. Gallavich (Ian Gallagher & Mickey Milkovich – Shameless US)

This is quite possibly my biggest OTP. Don’t even get me started on Mickey, I love him so much. He seems like a dick at first (and admittedly, he is sometimes), but he loves Ian deeply.

However, I do believe Mickey deserves better than Ian. when Ian was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Mickey stood by him. But what Ian did at the end of the fifth season, was just nasty. I then decided I wasn’t going to watch the show anymore, because Noel Fisher was no longer a part of the cast. At that point, I only cared about their relationship anymore, so why bother watching it if they broke up? I do, however, read the summary of the episodes every week and I’m so glad I decided to stop watching it. There’s a difference between being shameless and having completely unrealistic, over the top and at times even vulgar storylines.

Anyway, back to the ship: I have heard rumours Mickey might be coming back at the end of this season. If that is the case I will certainly start watching the show again, but only their scenes.

3. lesbian Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire)

Recently, I have developed the headcanon that Sansa Stark is gay. I can’t picture her ending up with a man, ever. Whenever I see people shipping her with much older men, such as Sandor (The Hound), Peter (Littlefinger) and Tyrion, I cringe. First of all, there is a huge age gap. In the books, Sansa is still a child, and in the show she is also very young. Second of all, people have got to stop shipping characters with people who treat them badly, or are even abuse them. I really don’t like the idea of those pairings and would much rather see her in a relationship with e.g. Margaery Tyrell (although there is the age difference in the TV series).

If I remember correctly, she has kissed girls in the books. So I’m not making this up. There are so many characters in A Song of Ice and Fire that are not straight. On the one hand, I am sad they left that out of Game of Thrones, but on the other hand, I am relieved, because D&D would only sexualise it for the pleasure of male viewers.

4. Rovinsky (Ronan Lynch and Joseph Kavinsky – The Raven Cycle)

Please don’t judge me, but yes, I ship Rovinsky. Pynch is my absolute endgame, but I can’t believe nothing ever happened between Ronan and K. I just can’t believe that. So yes, I do like to imagine that they got together.

I’ve mentioned this many times before, but I have to say it again: I realise Kavinsky is an asshole. He does terrible things. I love him, but I do not approve of or forget what he did. But, Maggie’s writing is very ‘mysterious’ and you have to read in between the lines to find out what really happened. Unlike what many people think, Kavinsky never took a photo of Ronan’s… well… private parts. She wrote the following on Tumblr:

If what you think happened is that Kavinsky took Ronan’s phone from him while he was passed out, used it to snap a photo of his own (Kavinsky’s) member with it, and sent it to Gansey along with a bunch of other texts about mothers, and then Gansey — who as mentioned has never seen Ronan’s member to accurately identify it in a testicular line-up — believed that he was sent a photo of Ronan’s member, then that is also what I think happened.


A lot of people use this against him, but he never actually did that. But I am never going to deny that Adam is a much better match for Ronan.

Talking about Pynch: I am absolutely worried Maggie is going to destroy their established relationship in Ronan’s trilogy. She has said the trilogy isn’t going to be a romance. To me, that sounds as if everything she did in The Raven King was only to please the fans, but does not want to write about a gay character any longer. And that makes me angry. Naturally, I can’t judge too much, since this trilogy won’t be released any time soon, but I’m really worried about that.

5. Stucky (Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers – Marvel)

I can’t believe I almost forgot to include Stucky! That is literally one of my favourite ships! I won’t get into detail too much because Marvel keeps pissing me of with their heteronormativity, but I’ve shipped Stucky for years. Like most of my non-canon ships, I am conflicted whether or not I actually want to see them together in canon. If Marvel were to do that now, that would be pure fanservice. I don’t want them to include LGBTQ-characters just to make more money.

These were some of my favourite non-canon pairings! I could go on and I probably forgot ones I love even more than these 😀 What are your favourite non-canon ships?

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8 thoughts on “T5W: favourite non-canon ships

  1. silviareadsbooks says:

    I totally agree on the fetishisation of gay men. Admittedly I do it and I ship gay ships far more than I do straight ones, but I also do my best to support my LGBTQI+ friends IRL and I know and deeply care about their struggles.
    About Ronan…I don’t think that Maggie saying the new trilogy won’t be a romance actually means there is no romance in it. After all, the Raven Cycle is also not technically a Romance, but it’s a fantasy series that has romance in it. I don’t think she’s one to just “please the fans”. I trust her to give us some more canon Pynch ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chelsea ϟ romweasley says:

      I really, really hope you are right. I just love this series so much, I’m very protective over it. And I didn’t like everything she did in The Raven King, so that makes me even more hesitant. Still, I’m really excited about the Ronan-centred trilogy 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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