The ‘Get to Know Me’ Tag

Today, I’m doing the ‘Get to Know’ tag! I have no idea who created it, but I was tagged by the wonderful Heather @ thesassygeek ! I recently reached 100 followers, so it’s probably a good idea to introduce myself again πŸ™‚

Vital Stats

Name: Chelsea
Nicknames: /
Birthday: February 13th, 1995
Star Sign: Aquarius
Occupation: student


Hair Color: blonde
Hair Length: shoulder-length
Eye Color: blue
Best Feature: I think my eyes
Braces: not anymore 
Piercings: only my ears
Tattoos: none, but might get some
Right or Left:  right


Real Holiday: probably somewhere in Belgium
Best Friend: a girl at kindergarten. My mom and her mom are still friends, but we aren’t anymore.

Award: I received an award when I graduated high school because I had the best grades in my class.
Sport: I only took dance classes in primary education, but that was only because every pupil in my class took those.

Concert: I faint very easily, especially in big crowds. So, I never go to concerts. However, when I was a child, we went to K3, which are three singers who sing songs for kids in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Film: I can’t pick just one favourite! But probably Prisoner of Azkaban, because the aesthetics are perfect and I love the story itself (even though I love the book even more).

TV Show: Okay, a have a million problems with Game of Thrones (I am very critical of it), but there is no other TV show ‘on that level’. I seriously think about it every single day.
Color: probably blue or pink
Song: Once again, that’s too much pressure! Nope, I can’t pick just one!
Restaurant: Honestly, we rarely ever go to restaurants.
Shop: This is quite embarrassing, but there is this shop in Belgium and the Netherlands called Action and it sells all kinds of stuff at very cheap prices. I love going there!

Books: Anyone who follows me, should know this by now πŸ˜€ Obviously, I have to go with The Raven Cycle, the Harry Potter series and A Song of Ice and Fire.
Shoes: When I was younger, I thought I’d wear heels all the time. But I was very wrong! My favourite shoes are still flats, though I don’t know whether I have a favourite pair. However, if I were very rich, I’d definitely buy Louboutins!

Currently (a.k.a. on November 13th, because that’s when I wrote this)

Feeling: anxious, because I’m very much behind on my school work
Single or Taken: single
Eating: nothing

Thinking About: the homework I should be doing instead of scheduling WordPress posts
Watching: nothing
Wearing:  my pyjamas (which is actually a Star Wars shirt with sweatpants)


Want Children: yes
Want To Be Married: that stresses me out. I’d say no, but I do want a wedding dress. If I were to get married, it’d definitely be a small affair.
Careers In Mind: I’m studying to become a  English, maths and history teacher.
Where You Want To Live: I used to say the USA, but since the 2016 election results, I’ll pass. Belgium is bad enough, I don’t want to move somewhere that is even more racist, sexist, homophobic…

Do You Believe In

God: Technically, I am a catholic Christian. However, I very much do not agree with the Church and the Pope. Instead, I’d rather practice my religion at home, which is praying from time to time. I’m not sure whether there is a God (obviously, no one can be sure of that), but I still seek the support from time to time. Having said that, I don’t think my religion influences me as a person. I’m very much pro-choice, I am bisexual, I am a feminist… and I value all that above the beliefs of most Christians.
Miracles: Not really.
Love At First Sight: No, absolutely not. Perhaps lust, but definitely not love.
Ghosts: Unfortunately, yes. It’s probably one of my biggest fears and that’s why I wish I didn’t believe in ghosts.
Aliens: The universe is huge, so it’d be arrogant to think that this is it. However, I don’t think ‘aliens’ look like what we see in e.g. movies.
Soul Mates: No, but I do think that some people are more fit to be together than others.
Heaven: If I believe in ghosts, I must believe in some sort of afterlife. Whether that is Heaven, I’m not sure. I think Heaven was constructed to make humans obedient. Still, I’d like to think that there is more to life.
Hell: Just like Heaven, the idea of Hell was probably constructed to scare people. But I do want to believe that truly awful people get punished if they didn’t here on earth. For example, if a serial killer is never discovered, I still hope he suffers somehow. However, I don’t believe in the idea of Hell filled with fire and bad people.
Kissing On The First Date: I’ve only dated one person (we dated for almost two years) and we kissed on the first date.
Yourself: LMAO, no.

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