Creatures of the Night book tag

Back in October, I was tagged to do the ‘Creatures of the Night’ book tag by the wonderful Heather (@ The Sassy Book Geek)! This tag was created back in 2014, by katytastic.

You are supposed to pick your favourite book that contains each creature of the night listed.When I read Heather’s post, I instantly realised I haven’t read that many books with creatures of the night yet. To avoid talking about the same books over and over again (like I usually do), I might mention some books I didn’t enjoy or ones I haven’t read yet instead.

The disadvantage of scheduling posts well in advance, is that I had already queued up tags around Halloween. So I have to do this one now, in the middle of December, instead!

Anyway… let’s get started!



Back when everyone read books about vampires, I (thankfully?) wasn’t into reading yet. I tried reading The Mortal Instruments last year, but couldn’t get pasted City of Ashes. Though I won’t continue the book series, I will continue watching the TV show adaptation, Shadowhunters, which also includes vampires!


Obviously, I have to go with the Harry Potter series. I haven’t read many other books featuring werewolves, but I have watched movies and TV shows about them, like Teen Wolf. None come close to the type of werewolves in Harry Potter though! When I was young, I was so scared of Moony!


I could go with The Walking Dead, but that’s probably a very clichรฉ answer (as if the others weren’t, Chelsea?!). Instead, I’m going to mention the Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I’m not sure whether the things there are called zombies, but they certainly have that creepiness-factor.


I won’t spoil anything, but The Raven Boys!


I haven’t read Truthwitch yet, nor do I won a copy, but I am curious to find out what the hype is about.


The School for Good and Evil is often described as a fairytale by other readers. I got the entire series for my birthday back in February, but I still haven’t started it. I really should though, it only receives raving reviews!


The only book I can think of is The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater. That was one weird demon!


I haven’t read Angelfall, but that must be about angels, right?


I’ve only read Cinder by Marissa Meyer and though I only thought it was okay, I want to continue the series because it sure is original. And yes, it also features aliens!

Superpowered Human

Vicious and the Shatter Me trilogy. Sadly, I disliked both.

(scheduled on 8 November 2016)

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