Searching Saturday: middle grade (17 December)

Searching Saturday was created by The Night is Dark and Full of Books and you can have a look at the topics here. Its goal is to discover new books every week! This week’s topic is:

Search a children’s/middle grade book
Just try to find some new interesting books within this group. Even if you don’t usually read within this category or aren’t a big fan of it, I challenge you to try and find ones that still sound interesting to you. There has to be something out there for you!

I rarely read middle grade books. They seem very appealing to me (short, generally more diverse than YA fiction…) but most of the time, I don’t enjoy reading from the perspective of a child. Often, the characters are ignorant or the writing is too simple. Even though that is the point, I need more. Furthermore, my favourite books are character-driven and most middle grades are action-packed instead.  Still, I want to pick up this genre more often. But because I generally don’t reach for it, I had no idea where to start looking for this week’s topic!

Rebel Genius by Michael Dante DiMartino



In twelve-year-old Giacomo’s Renaissance-inspired world, art is powerful, dangerous, and outlawed. Every artist possesses a Genius, a birdlike creature that is the living embodiment of an artist’s creative spirit. Those caught with one face a punishment akin to death, so when Giacomo discovers he has a Genius, he knows he’s in serious trouble.

Luckily, he finds safety in a secret studio where young artists and their Geniuses train in sacred geometry to channel their creative energies as weapons. But when a murderous artist goes after the three Sacred Tools–objects that would allow him to destroy the world and everyone in his path–Giacomo and his friends must risk their lives to stop him.

How did I find it?

I was having a look on Goodreads at the newly released middle grade novels. The cover instantly appealed to me.

Why did I add it to my TBR?

Besides the stunning cover, the premise sounds very unique. It has received some mixed reviews, but I never watched Avatar: The Last Airbender – this book is written by its creator – so I won’t go into it with too high expectations.

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5 thoughts on “Searching Saturday: middle grade (17 December)

  1. ashley says:

    Ahh, I’ve read some middle-grade this year that I absolutely loved! Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi, Serafina and the Black Cloak and Serafina and the Twisted Staff by Robert Beatty were all books that I loved. These books are more adventure than action-packed!

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