T5W: fictional items I want (21 December)

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This week’s topic is fictional items you’d give as gifts. On March 16th, the topic was fictional items you want for yourself. Since I wasn’t a member of Top 5 Wednesday at the time, I wanted to do it today instead! I’ve read some other readers’ answers and unlike some of them, I won’t include any fictional animals. That’s a great idea though and might write a post about that some other time.

So here are some fictional items I want, in no particular order!

1. wand (Harry Potter)

Obviously, the first thing I’d want is a wand. And naturally, the ability to do magic. Otherwise, it’s useless and I already own two. If there’s any fictional universe I’d want to join, it’s for certain the Wizarding World. So sorry not sorry, you’ll see many more items for the Harry Potter franchise on this list!

2. time turner (Harry Potter)

One of my worst qualities is procrastinating. Surprisingly, that doesn’t happen while blogging. Some posts are even scheduled months in advance. That’s because I enjoy writing about books and it’s relaxing. Studying on the other hand, isn’t. So, I could definitely use a Time Turner. No need to worry: I rarely leave the house, so there’s no danger of exposing the Wizarding World 😀

3. Marauder’s map (Harry Potter)

I already own two Marauder’s Maps, but I want the real deal. Unfortunately, I still haven’t received my Hogwarts letter (I’m 21 years old, it should’ve been here by now…) so it’s kind of useless if I don’t get to attend my favourite Wizarding school in the meantime.

4. Invisibility Cloak (Harry Potter)

Okay, okay, I could go on, but I swear this is my final Harry Potter-inspired item on this list. Though I could add many more. When asking someone about the superpower they’d want, invisibility is a popular answer. So yes, it be pretty cool to have an Invisibility Cloak! However, not to do anything creepy or pervy!

5. Lightsaber (Star Wars)

I’m very new to the Star Wars fandom: I only watched the films for the very first time in January 2016. But I instantly became a fan and have come close to buying a Lightsaber many times. If only my mom didn’t stop me… Still, all those toys can’t compare to the real deal!

6. Daenerys’ dragon eggs (A Song of Ice and Fire)

I’m going to do a sixth fictional item because the majority were from the Harry Potter universe. Daenerys’ dragon eggs look stunning and I really want to buy some replicas. I wouldn’t mind real dragon eggs either, though I doubt my mother would allow fire-breathing dragons in the house.

Which fictional items do you want? And which ones would you give as gifts? Let me know! I bet you’ll come up with many awesome answers that I forgot.

(scheduled on 30 November 2016)

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