Bookish Academy Awards 2016

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2017 will be filled with happiness and amazing books! Today, I’m going to do the Bookish Academy Awards, created by BOOKadoodles! This tag was created in 2014 (!!!), but I still wanted to do it as a way to wrap-up my reading year. Naturally, I am only going to include the books I read in 2016. You can have a look at that list here. I will try to mention each book (or character) only once. We’ll see how well that goes, since I didn’t read that many books in 2016. Sometimes, there are multiple things I can choose from, but I will limit it to one answer per category! Neither will I include re-reads.

Best Actor (Best Male Protagonist)and-i-darken

And I Darken features two point-of-views: Lada and her brother Radu. Even though I think his sexuality is portrayed in a stereotypical way, I love this character deeply.

Best Actress (Best Female Protagonist)


All the female characters in A Song of Ice and Fire! Especially Sansa Stark, but also Arya, Asha, Cersei, Arianne…

Best Cinematography (Best Plot Twist)


Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo are both filled with plot twists!

Best Costume Design (Best Book Cover)

Of the books I have read in 2016, And I Darken probably has the most beautiful cover:


Best Supporting Actress and Actor (Best Male and Female Sidekick)


The best male sidekick is a tie between Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch. Though they certainly aren’t sidekicks, The Raven King features multiple point-of-views and some chapters are told from theirs.


I’ve encountered many bad-ass ladies in literature this year and Nina Zenik was one of my favourites. Well, I actually read Six of Crows in 2015, but I re-read in September πŸ˜‰

Best Original Screenplay (Most Unique Plot/World)


Though the execution could’ve been better, the world in Every Heart a Doorway is very unique!

Best Adapted Screenplay (Best Book-to-Movie Adaptation)


To be honest, I haven’t watched many films this year, nor book-to-movie adaptations. While Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them isn’t an exact adaptation of the book, I did really enjoy it and even miss it!

Best Animated Feature (A book that would work well in animated format)


This is a very difficult category. When I think of animations, Disney and Dreamworks come to mind. And I haven’t read any books that really fit in that department. The only one I can think of is Cinder by Marissa Meyer, because it features fairytale-elements.

Best Director (A writer you discovered for the first time)


A couple of weeks ago, I posted my favourite authors I discovered in 2016. Among that list were authors such as George R.R. Martin and Rick Riordan, but my favourite of the year was probably Ruta Sepetys. When I finished Salt to the Sea, I immediately ordered Between Shades of Gray.

Best Visual Effects (Best Action in a Book)


Although The Raven King was disappointing, it kept me at the edge of my seat until the very end. Because it was the final instalment in The Raven Cycle I was terrified not everyone was going to have a happy ending. Whether or not that was the case, you should discover for yourself, because I’d recommend this series to everyone!

Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom and A Song of Ice and Fire also feature great action scenes!

Best Musical Score (Best Music in a book-to-movie adaptation)


Suicide Squad: the album (not the film score) is so bad-ass!

Best Short Film (Best Novella or Short Book)

we-should-all-be-feministsWe Should all be Feminists is a must-read, especially if you still aren’t convinced why feminism is needed (and why we call it ‘feminism’ instead of something else).

Best Picture (Best Stand-Alone)


Girl Mans Up was the best contemporary I’ve read this year!

Best Documentary (Best Historical Fiction or Non-Fiction)


The best non-fiction book I’ve read was We Should all be Feminists.salt-to-the-seaMy favourite historical fiction novel – and book in general – of the year was Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys!

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