January wrap-up

I don’t know whether any of you have noticed, but I have been very inactive in January. Sure, my scheduled posts were uploaded, but I didn’t have the chance to reply to any of your comments, have a look at my new followers, etc. This month, I had exams so I had a lot of studying to do! On top of that, I also had to hand in my thesis. I hope everything went well. Fingers crossed!

Naturally, due to all of this, I wasn’t able to read much this month. I only read three novels, though that is honestly even more than I had expected.

From now on, I will no longer rate the books I read! I didn’t talk about this in my 2017 goals post, but I was unhappy with my rating system. I had already changed it multiple times and it still didn’t work for me. Since I always write thorough reviews, I didn’t think it was necessary to contribute to what is, in my opinion, a quite shallow way to review books. A rating conveys nothing: it means something different for everyone and cannot get any message across (e.g.such as whether the book includes problematic aspects).

Books I read

january wrapup_x.png

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling (review)

Naturally this was a re-read, though it was the first time I read the illustrated edition. And I have to say it left me feeling disappointed: there weren’t nearly as many illustrations as in Philosopher’s Stone; there wasn’t even a drawing of Tom Riddle! Chamber of Secrets is my least favourite in the Harry Potter series, but it was still nice to revisited it.

George by Alex Gino (review)

I highly recommend George to everyone! I am generally not a fan of fluffy books, but when it comes to books like George, I am glad I got exactly that! This book features a trans main character and side characters who are POC.

Girl Hearts Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy Girl Hearts Girl. The only reason why I finished it, is because I didn’t want to DNF a book this early in the year and fall behind on my reading challenge. Even though I don’t know Lucy Sutcliffe, I was excited to read this non-fiction book. However, it wasn’t as I had expected – it’s about Lucy growing up, whereas I’d rather read about her experiences as a lesbian woman – and there were some things that were problematic: there was bi-, aro- and transphobia. I am bi, but  I’m not sure whether the other two were harmful, but I couldn’t find any reviews by  aromantic and/or trans reviewers. I actually wrote my longest review yet, but stupid Goodreads doesn’t have a draft option and I lost the entire thing! I’m not sure yet whether I have the energy to discuss this novel again, though I do think I should explain why I find it problematic in detail… Let me know what you think I should do!

Books I DNF

Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

As I mentioned last month, I wasn’t enjoying Gemina as much as Illuminae. I was unsure whether to continue it, but due to Jay Kristoff’s recent behaviour, I decided I no longer want to support this author. Which is unfortunate, since I already own Nevernight as well. But I cannot support a white author who wants to read racist books to see for himself. As a white person, you cannot judge whether something is racist or not. Furthermore, people of colour already pointed out Carve the Mark was racist, so I don’t see what he could possibly add to that conversation. Especially because his own novel Nevernight is racist as well. So bye, bye Kristoff and Gemina!

I plan on posting a review on why I didn’t finish this novel soon.

Diversity bingo progress


This year, I am doing Diversity Bingo! The majority of the books I plan on reading for this challenge will be 2017 releases, so I haven’t made a lot of progress yet. In January, I read two books that qualify:

  • George by Alex Gino ➳ own voices (Alex Gino is trans);
  • Girl Hearts Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe ➳ diverse non-fiction (Sutcliffe is a lesbian and this is her memoir).

However, since I did not enjoy the latter and think it includes harmful representation, I don’t feel comfortable recommending it to others. Therefore, I will only add George to by Diversity Bingo sheet.

Post I uploaded

This is an overview of all the posts I uploaded in January:

Top 5 Tuesday
Top 5 Wednesday
Searching Saturday
book tags
Book haul

I am going to post my book haul on February 2nd, so stay tuned!

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15 thoughts on “January wrap-up

  1. Crystal Yasmine says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry you lost your review to Goodreads’ unability to save drafts :// That must suck, I hope that it won’t ever happen to you again! I know the pain of losing important writing 😦

    And I’m also sorry to hear that you DNFed Gemina. Personally, I loved the book. But I didn’t hear anything about what you said about Kristoff. I must be living under a rock. -.- I’m going to google that right now and try to find out what’s going on.

    Hope you’ll enjoy your next books better! :))

    Yasmine @ Swissbookworm
    My January Wrap Up

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