Searching Saturday: award winners (4 February)

Searching Saturday was created by The Night is Dark and Full of Books and you can have a look at the topics here. Its goal is to discover new books every week! This week’s topic is:

4th: Award Winners
Book awards are wonderful things. The books that win these awards sure are well loved. But do you know them all? I don’t think so. Search for books that have won awards. Any bookish award will due.

Each week, I discuss one book that I added to my TBR thanks to the Searching Saturday topic.

In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse by Joseph M. Marshall III



Jimmy McClean is a Lakota boy—though you would not guess it by his name: his father is a white man and his mother is Lakota. When he embarks on a journey with his grandfather, Nyles High Eagle, he learns more and more about his Lakota heritage—in particular, the story of Crazy Horse, one of the most important figures in Lakota history. Drawing inspiration from the oral stories of the Lakota tradition and the Lakota cultural mechanism of the “hero story,” Joseph Marshall provides readers with an insider’s perspective on the life of Tasunke Witko, better known as Crazy Horse. Through his grandfather’s tales about the famous warrior, Jimmy learns more about his Lakota heritage and, ultimately, himself.

How did I find this book?

I searched for ‘diverse book awards’ on Google and stumbled upon the American Indian Youth Literature Award website. In the Footsteps of the Crazy Horse won the 2016 American Indian Youth Literature Award for best middle grade book (x).

Why did I add it to my TBR?

This is a story about a Native American boy, written by a Native American man. If anyone is doing Diversity Bingo like me, you can read this for ‘Indigenous MC (own voices)’! Furthermore, this book is less than 200 pages long and it seems like a lot of fun. And last but not least: illustrations!

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