February 2017 Wrap-Up

Hello everyone! I hope February was a wonderful month for you! Today, I am going to talk about all the books I read last. I read quite a lot of books. Which actually says a lot of how I’ve been doing, mentally. When I read a lot, that means I am neglecting my responsibilities because I need an escape from reality. And that’s when I turn to books. On the other hand though, I really enjoyed all the books I am going to mention below (except for the first one), so that’s also a reason why I’ve been reading more!

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Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake (review)

Actually, I finished Three Dark Crowns on January 31th. But because I had already posted that month’s wrap-up by then, I decided to include it in this one. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed in Three Dark Crowns. It started out so great and I thought it was going to become one of my favourite books, but the romance is the main reason why I ended up hating this book. By the end of the book, we still don’t know who the new queen is. So there is a possibility I’ll pick up the sequel.

The Melody of You and Me by M. Hollis (review)

The Melody of You and Me is a New Adult novella featuring a pansexual main character and the love-interest is a lesbian Filipino. I loved the diversity in this one and want to read more New Adult books because of it! Yesterday, the author send me an ARC of The Paths We Choose and I’m so excited to read it!

We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson (review)

Even though We Are the Ants deals with a variety of heavy topics such as sexual assault, depression, suicide, etc., I absolutely loved this book! I binge-read it so I probably won’t remember what happened in it in a couple of weeks, so I definitely plan on reading this book again one day!

A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin (review)

I read the first three hundred pages of A Feast for Crows back in August and finished the rest of the book – over six hundred pages! – this month. Because of the point-of-views, it is quite different from the previous books in this series, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope I will enjoy A Dance With Dragons as much, though I doubt it since I think Dany and Jon are a bit overrated (especially in the TV show, not as much in the books) and I absolutely hate Tyrion.

Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall (review)

Norah, the main character in Under Rose-Tainted Skies, struggles with agoraphobia, OCD, depression, a possible eating disorder and self-harm. This book discusses a lot of serious topics, so be aware of that if that might trigger you. Having said that, all of this was dealt with very respectfully. You could definitely tell the author knew was she was talking about, especially because some parts were #OwnVoices. You might compare the premise of Under Rose-Tainted Skies with Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, but without the ableist representation (and a mental illness instead of a disease). Anyway, I enjoyed this book, but I can’t say I loved it. Still, I would absolutely recommend this!

Noteworthy by Riley Redgate (review to come on Friday)

Noteworthy was my very first ARC (which I received from Netgalley) and I completely loved it! I always say that I don’t like this genre anymore, but I was wrong: I enjoyed all the contemporaries I read this month and I am absolutely loving my current read The Upside of Unrequited as well.

Anyway, Noteworthy was incredibly fun, original and diverse! While reading, it became very obvious that the author is well-educated on topics such as sexual orientation and gender, so I definitely plan on reading more books by Redgate in the future!

Diversity Bingo 2017 progress

Just like last month, I read multiple books that qualify for Diversity Bingo:

  • Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake ➳ book by an author of colour (Blake was born in South-Korea)
  • The Melody of You and Me by M. Hollis ➳ pansexual MC (the author doesn’t identify as pansexual, but I explain in my review why I still added The Melody of You and Me to my Diversity Bingo sheet)
  • We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson ➳ own voices (I’m 99% sure I read somewhere that Hutchinson is gay) and MC with an invisible disability (because Henry has a mental illness)
  • Under Rose-Tainted Skies neuro-diverse MC & own voices (the author is agoraphobic, just like the main character) and MC with an invisible disability (agoraphobia, OCD and depression)

However, because I had problems with Three Dark Crowns, I won’t add it to my progress. I plan on reading plenty of other books by authors of colour anyway this year.

My Diversity Bingo progress is not at all final. I was going to publish an updated version of the Bingo sheet, but I think I might save that for December. Some books qualify for multiple categories and when I dislike a book, it doesn’t feel right adding it to the sheet.

Posts I uploaded in February

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Top 10 Tuesday
Book haul

Which books did you read in February? Do you like the infographic I made? 🙂


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7 thoughts on “February 2017 Wrap-Up

  1. Leona says:

    I found A Feast for Crows boring and had to struggle through all the Brienne parts. Pointless wandering of Brienne bored me to tears, but the rest of the book made up for it. A Dance With Dragons was hell of a lot more fun to read.

    I have seen a lot of bloggers hyping up Three Dark Crowns, but after reading your review I’m completelty turned off. I don’t subscribe to 3rd wave feminism ideology, but I’m very alergic to love triangles and insta-love as it is, all the cheating with no consequences business (I am fine with polyamory but this sounds like it wasn’t polyamory concept, just glorifying douchebaggery) made me gag. Yuck! I guess I am not going to read that book anytime soon.

    If you are looking for dark fantasy with non-hetero romance, there is this book called The Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith-Spark coming out this summer (I think July) from Harper Voyager and there is a POC M/M romance in it. It’s quite dark, too. Also Red Sister by Mark Lawrence (coming out on April 4th) is mostly female characters, there are only a couple of men as minor charcters (it’s set in a girls’ martial arts and magic school environment) and the female lead is amazing. I can’t recommend it enough.


  2. Swetlana says:

    Oh do I like the info graphic you made! It looks awesome! Really well done! 🙂

    I finished two books this month: Caraval and A Darker Shade Of Magic! It’s been a bit of a slow reading month for me this time around, but I’m also ahead of my reading challenge so all is good! I do hope March turns out to be a better reading month though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chelsea ϟ romweasley says:

      I normally read two or three books per month, so you really shouldn’t feel bad about your wrap-up!

      Did you enjoy Caraval? I love the cover, but I have the feeling it won’t be my cup of tea. I don’t like YA fantasies that feature a lot of tropes similar to other books, because that makes them predictable. Do you think I would enjoy it? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Swetlana says:

        I guess I just wanted to read as much as last month, which was four books, but now I’m looking forward to this month! And what ever reading I can get done. 🙂

        I really, really did! I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the circus aspect of the book, but I ended up really loving it! I haven’t read too many fantasy books, so I don’t feel like I have read the tropes too many times before and the book was still fun and exciting for me! I hope you will enjoy it! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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