review: Queens of Geek


queens of geek.pngQueens of Geek

by Jen Wilde

read in April 2017

format: paperback

spoiler-free review!

Queens of Geek is a perfect book. There’s nothing I disliked about it. At first glance, this novel might seem predictable, but it absolutely wasn’t. I would recommend this quick and fun read to everyone!

First of all, this book is so diverse. Taylor is fat, has anxiety and is autistic. I very much related to her insecurities and anxiety. Charlie, the other protagonist, is bisexual and Chinese Australian. The way she describes her bisexuality is probably the most relatable portrayal I’ve read so far! It’s exactly like my experience. Alyssa is a queer woman of colour and (I think) Jamie is Latinx.

It’s very hard for me to like male characters and M/F romances. But Jamie blew me away. I absolutely loved him. I was even rooting for him and Taylor to get together. That is so unlike me! I always have a hard time thinking of book boyfriends, but if Jamie were a couple years older, he’d definitely be on my list!

Normally, I’m not a fan of geek culture. Though I’m probably a geek myself, I can’t stand them most of the time: “I’m so awkward because I read comic books and like superheroes, no one else at school understands me. Girls are fake fans, because they only watch it because of the hot actors.”. Thankfully, Queens of Geek was not at all like this.

I love it when authors don’t shy away from topics such as fatphobia and misogyny. I think it says a lot about the author, so I definitely want to read more books written by Jen Wilde.

If you’re doing Diversity Bingo like me, this book qualifies for bisexual MC (own voices), neuro-diverse MC (own voices), MC with an under-represented body, LGBTQIA+ MC of colour and MC with an invisible disability.

conclusion: Queens of Geek is one of the most relatable books I have ever read. On top of that, it is diverse and fast-paced. I would recommend everyone to pick up a copy if you haven’t yet!


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