review: Better At Weddings Than You


Better-At-Weddings-Than-You-Generic-640x1024[1]Better At Weddings Than You

by Mina V. Esguerra

read in May 2017

format: Kindle

spoiler-free review

I read Better At Weddings Than You back in May, so I have to write this review based on the notes I took back then. I apologise that this review won’t be as thorough as usual.

I never read M/F romances. It’s absolutely not something I tend to enjoy, but I saw Better At Weddings Than You receiving hype on Twitter, so I was intrigued. Since this is written by a Filipino author, I was definitely more willing to give this a chance than if this were a novel about allocishet able-bodied white people written by an allocishet able-bodied white author.

Though I didn’t necessary love this just because this genre isn’t my favourite, I did find Better At Weddings Than You very entertaining. Towards the end there was some unnecessary drama that has to be in every romance novel, which definitely made this more predictable, but I can live with that.

I read this in public, which is quite embarrassing because this book features multiple sex scenes πŸ˜€ So be aware of that, because the cover might look fluffy, but the content is definitely more mature.

It’s 100% my fault that this isn’t a five star read, because like I’ve said, I’m not the biggest fan of M/F romances. But that is entirely my opinion, so if you do enjoy romances, I’d definitely recommend Better At Weddings Than You!


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