5 books with bisexual characters on my TBR


Today I am going to talk about five books on my TBR featuring bisexual characters. Naturally there are more, but I decided to narrow this down to five. Because I am bisexual, I try to read as many books representing me as possible. I’ve – unfortunately – noticed a big difference between #OwnVoices books and authors who don’t identify as bisexual. I think all of the books I am going to mention below are #OwnVoices, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

These are in no particular order. I won’t go into detail much, as I like to go into books without knowing much.

bisexual books on tbr.png

27 Hours by Tristina Wright

This book is set to be released in October and I am so excited to read it! Apparently, it’s filled with diverse characters and Tristina Wright is a wonderful person, so I already know I am going to love this, even though I am generally not a fan of sci-fi.

Far From You by Tess Sharpe

I also follow Tess Sharpe on Twitter and she seems like a wonderful person. I’ve been putting it off because it sounds like a very intense book and with my mental illnesses, I’m trying to stay clear from that for the time being, but I do want to read Far From You soon! As hard as such books can be to read, I generally love them as well.

Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee

I know NOTHING about this book, but it has received so much praise, I have to buy a copy soon!

The Seafarer’s Kiss by Julia Ember

Before this book was released, everyone seemed to have read it already! It’s a F/F retelling of The Little Mermaid, which is one of my favourite fairytale!

I have to warn you though: This book might be harmful if you’re non-binary/ genderqueer/ genderfluid, so please do some research if you’re interested in reading this.

We Are Okay by Nina Lacour

I can’t believe I still haven’t read any of Lacour’s books yet! What am I doing with my life? I already own Everything Leads to You and I recently ordered a hardcover copy of We Are Okay, so I should pick one of her books up soon!

So these are some books featuring bisexual characters on my TBR. Feel free to recommend me some more books, preferably #OwnVoices!


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15 thoughts on “5 books with bisexual characters on my TBR

    • Chelsea ϟ romweasley says:

      Last time I went to my local bookstore, I noticed they don’t have any queer books there! Not even very popular ones like Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda or Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe 😮

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  1. justanotherloststudent says:

    Ok so first thing, my TBR list is now 2 books longer thanks to you! Although I am super excited about both 27 hours and Far From You. The lack of bi rep in books is incredibly saddening and so it’s good to actually see some recommendations of some.

    My second observation is about the Seafarer’s kiss. Whenever anyone mentions anything about a book being transphobic, or potentially offensive, I immediately go and do a little bit of research to see what’s up. And it’s in doing this little bit of research (on the one day where I have already had a super massive rant about transphobia in London Pride on twitter), that I came across something that makes me so sad.

    From my cursory look over goodreads, I noticed that, with the exception of one person, it seems that almost everyone else has reated this book incredibly well because of its bi representation. Only one person seems to have discussed the non-binary representation and how it is harmful to trans people. This is something that I’ve really noticed with the cis LGB community at the moment, where lots of people are willing to entirely look the other way when a book portrays trans people negatively if it has good representation for their own identity. That makes me really sad, so I’m glad you at least mentioned it in your section!

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    • Chelsea ϟ romweasley says:

      Yes, I was hesitant to include this book therefore. As far as I know, the genderqueer character isn’t written inaccurately, but they are the villain of the story. Which can definitely hurt readers. It’s why I didn’t love If I Was Your Girl. The trans rep was obviously very good because it’s #OwnVoices, but the only bi character was basically the villain of the story and that definitely hurt me. So I completely understand your feelings, so please know you are valid ❤


  2. christine @ the story salve says:

    Far From You was the first book I read where the character used the word bisexual. It’s definitely intense, so you should absolutely wait until you’re in the right frame of mind for it.

    I just finished We Are Okay and I’m not 100% sure if it qualifies as bisexual rep. Neither the main character or her ex specifically identify themselves, although the ex is now dating a guy. One thing I loved was that nobody questions the character for dating a girl and then a guy, it’s just a thing that happens and not a Big Deal. The words “lesbian” or “bisexual” aren’t used on the page at all though, so I don’t want you to be disappointed by that. All that being said, We Are Okay is definitely one of my favorite books that I’ve read recently. It’s super raw and beautifully written. I loved Everything Leads To You as well (although that one is lesbian, I’m pretty sure).

    I’m glad to see that there are still some bi books left on your TBR. My bi TBR is dwindling a lot because I keep reading all of them! 🙂

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  3. Almost reading says:

    Oh my gosh I have been so excited about The Seafarer’s kiss ever since I read it. There are so few mermaid books and now we have a f/f retelling of The Little Mermaid? What else could a person ask for.

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  4. Molly's Book Nook says:

    All of these are on my TBR as well. The Seafarer’s Kiss seems like it’s been out for so long! I checked multiple times to buy it but every time it was before release date (should’ve written down the date to save me the trouble). But it did seem like EVERYONE already read it hahah

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