The Liebster Award

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Hello, my dear book lovers! I was nominated ages ago by

The Rules


  • Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the Award.
  • Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you
  • Nominate 11 people
  • Ask the people who you have nominated 11 questions

Jess’ questions

1. An item you can’t live without?

Let’s start off with a cliché answer right off the bat: my phone. I have tons of pictures on there from my cats and dogs I would hate to lose. Other than that, I wouldn’t be able to sleep without earplugs and a sleeping mask anymore.

2. Favourite children’s TV show growing up?

There are so many, though I’m not sure whether they’re well know abroad. Honestly, there are a thousand TV shows I could mention, such as The Smurfs and the Teletubbies.

3. A song you associate with a happy memory?

There are a lot of songs from a Belgian/Dutch group aimed for children that remind me of my childhood. My sister and I listened to their CDs every single day during summer! They even had a song about Leonardo Dicaprio!

4. How did you come up with your blog name?

I had been on Tumblr for many years when I decided to create an Instagram account dedicated to books. I knew it was impossible to get a canon URL, so I just switched the ‘n’ with ‘m’ and became ‘romweasley’ 😀 I sometimes wonder whether my username is relevant enough, since I surely do like Ron Weasley, but he’s not my all-time favourite character. But I’m ‘romweasley’ on almost all my social media, it’d be too much work to change it now.

5. Sunset or sunrise?

Sunset 🙂 Though sunrise can be very beautiful a well!

6. Current fictional character crush (if any)?

I honestly don’t get crushes often, but I have to go with Claire Fraser. I absolutely love her and she’s definitely under-appreciated. Jamie who?

7. Do you have any pets?

Yes, we have two Chihuahuas, Daisy and Sansa (named after the one and only Sansa Stark) and two cats, Harley and Ivy (named after Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy).

8. How do you usually spend your Saturday nights?

I spend them at home and usually watch TV, a movie, read a book or do crafts.

9. Favourite season?

Definitely summer. Though this year summer hasn’t been treating me well, because my allergies are out of control and I can’t go outside without my eyes hurting VERY BADLY. Still, I’ll take that over the constant cold during winter.

10. A novel or movie that moved you to tears?

My mind has gone blank. I cry all the time, yet I can’t think of anything right now!

11. Who was your best friend growing up, and are you still friends with them?

Nah, I’ve lost contact with as good as anyone I’ve ever been friends with. My sister is the only one I’ve stayed close with and I hope we will remain that way once I move out of the house.

Ellyn’s questions

1. What was the last song you listened to?

I’m currently listening to Halsey’s album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom and Sorry is playing.

2. Why did you start your blog?

I tried BookTube first, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing that. A few months later, I found out that a lot of readers blogged about books, so that’s when I decided to join.

3. Are you excited for the new Star Wars movie?

I’m a fairly new Star Wars fan (I only watched all the films one or two years ago for the first time) but yes, I’m excited! I’m a bit afraid they’re going to queerbait us with Finn and Poe though… :/

4. Did you enjoy high school?

I’d say no, but I recently graduated as a high school teacher, so I must have enjoyed it on some level. But other pupils could be very harsh. My fourth year was the worst. My parents had recently divorced and I had no one to turn to in my class. On top of that, they were making fun of the way I walk (I have scoliosis and I therefore don’t walk like most people do) and bullied me in other ways as well. I absolutely hate looking back on that time.

5. What’s your most anticipated movie for the year?

Justice League! I don’t care what anyone says: DC is amazing and I absolutely loved Batman vs. Superman, so I’m very excited. Except for the fact that Joss Whedon has now joined DC… Ugh, he’s going to ruin everything!

6. Are you a neat person or do you prefer organised chaos?

During teacher training, I was always told that I’m a very organised person. My bedroom and desk might not always look like it, but I bet there are people who are much more chaotic than I am 😀

7. Do you prefer reading tags or discussions?

Honestly, I rarely read other people’s blog posts… I know, I know, that’s absolutely horrible! It’s just not something that crosses my mind when I’m feeling bored.

8. What’s your opinion on candles?

I like them and I have quite a few candles in my bedroom, but I really don’t understand the hype surrounding bookish candles. They’re so expensive! I would never be able to spend so much money on a damn candle.

9. What did you read last?

The last book I finished was When Dimple Met Rishi.

10. How do you feel about bullet journalling? Would you ever do it?

I’m trying to get into it! I quite enjoy it, but feel like sh*t when I compare myself to other people’s work.

11. Do you enjoy writing reviews?

Yes! I usually write them right away, except for in April and May, when I didn’t review any books because of my busy schedule. While reading books, I take notes on my phone. The downside is that I usually only take notes of the things I don’t like though.

On the other hand though, reviewing books has made me even more insecure. I’m afraid people will attack me for expressing my opinion (you know those folks who just love defending problematic books? I’ve been attacked by those people on multiple occasions) or whether my feelings are valid.

I was nominated by a third person, but I can’t find their blog anymore… Oh well, thank you for nominating me!


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One thought on “The Liebster Award

  1. allonsythornraxx says:

    I hope you enjoy the new Star Wars film (I really hope we’re not being queerbaited, but we probably are 😒). I also feel your pain with bookish candles, I personally really love candles and have a whole bunch in my room and think bookish candles are super awesome. But I know I’ll never be able to afford any of them!


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