recommendation: Lambs Can Always Become Lions


34109079Lambs can Always Become Lions

by Charlotte Anne Hamilton

read in July 2017

format: Kindle

spoiler-free review!

I’m not familiar with Robin Hood. I know the name, that he steals to help the poor… but that’s probably where my knowledge ends. Thankfully, that wasn’t a problem while reading Lambs Can Always Become Lions. This retelling got me hooked right from the start!

I absolutely love that Lambs Can Always Become Lions featured an established F/F relationship. It’s hard enough to find books with established relationships, let alone F/F ones. Furthermore, the relationship between Robin and Marian is so adorable. This isn’t a New Adult novella, so is appropriate for anyone to read.

Besides the queer main characters, there is also diversity among the side characters. Little John appears to be asexual, Edda wears a hijab and is black, Will is referred to as they/them, etc. I know this author is often involved in discussion on diversity because I follow her on several social media, so it’s very nice to see that’s noticeable in her work.

Furthermore, I loved the writing style. I tend to enjoy dual point-of-views and third person perspective most of the time, and Lambs Can Always Become Lions is no exception. The writing seemed so mature, yet not dense or difficult to understand. Therefore I’m sure we can expect many more great things from this author!

Unfortunately, it did take me very long to read this short novella. It’s not the book’s fault, however. I’ve been in a reading slump for MONTHS. Once I get back into my reading mood, I definitely plan on re-reading Lambs Can Always Become Lions in one sitting. Having said that, I remembered everything clearly even though I didn’t pick this up for weeks at a time. There are novels I have finished and can’t even remember the protagonists’ names of anymore, so that’s a good sign.

I would recommend Lambs Can Always Become Lions to everyone. It’s a very enjoyable, well-written novella and on top of that diverse. I will definitely continue this series and plan on reading whatever Hamilton writes next!


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