ARC REVIEW of Little Monsters: a YA thriller that got me hooked

little monsters.png

Little Monsters

by Kara Thomas

read in July 2017

format: e-ARC

release date: 25 July 2017

spoiler-free review!

I received an e-ARC in from Delacorte Press through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!

Little Monsters is pitched as a psychological thriller for fans of Pretty Little Liars. So if that’s your cup of tea, you’ll definitely enjoy this novel.

Unfortunately, it was more like Mean Girls that I had expected. Girls being nasty for the sake of high school drama is a very overused trope, in my opinion. It certainly made the characters in
Little Monsters more interesting, but also more stereotypical at the same time.

Nevertheless, this novel had me hooked. As soon as my shift at work ended, I had to continue reading it. I even read it on my phone, which is something I never do! Unfortunately, the big reveal towards the end wasn’t as convincing as I had wanted it to be. I certainly hadn’t expected it, but the explanations that were given, didn’t exactly satisfy me.

Still, this book convinced me that I ought to read more thrillers! It’s hard to find ones that will satisfy all readers, because we all come up with different theories while reading such books. I suspected almost everyone at a certain point. I think some of my theories would’ve been more shocking and interesting!

Sadly, a lot of ableist language was used (such as cr*zy over ten times), there was a lot of unnecessary girl-on-girl hate and the formatting of the e-ARC was horrible. I hope that’s going to be fixed in the final copy. Furthermore, this book is extremely white and allocishet. This year, I’ve been reading diverse books almost exclusively and this novel is unfortunately not diverse, except for the main character’s stepbrother who is Korean-American and very few minor characters.

So while I found the ending a bit of an anti-climax, I still thought this was a decent Young Adult thriller! It has certainly convinced me that I should pick up this genre more often.


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