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Hello, my fellow book lovers! Today, I’m doing the Game of Thrones book tag, which was created by

I tried to re-read The Fault in Our Stars last summer, but as I had expected, John Green’s work  isn’t my cup of tea anymore. My friends and I were obsessed with the book and film a couple of years ago, but now, I realise how problematic both are.

There are many other books I know I won’t enjoy anymore upon a re-read, such as Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover and All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.

winter is coming

It’s hard to narrow this down to one book, but I’m very excited for 27 Hours by Tristina Wright.  I have the feeling as if every single person I follow on Twitter has read this already, though this is set to be released in October!

fire and blood.png

I know The Raven Cycle isn’t perfect, but I cannot help but love this series. The characters are phenomenal and so fleshed-out, the atmosphere is breathtaking and the plot is unlike anything I have ever read before. Unfortunately, The Raven King, the final instalment, was a huge disappointment, but I still adore the other books in this series and want to re-read them soon again.

ours is the fury.png

I had expected to love Three Dark Crowns, but it was a biggest disappointment of 2017 so far. There are multiple reasons why I didn’t enjoy this novel, one being that at the end of the first instalment, we still don’t know which queen ends up on the throne, whereas that’s supposed to be the plot of the book. On the one hand, I want to read the sequel to find out who wins, but on the other hand, I don’t want to read something I probably won’t enjoy…


Rick Riordan’s books! Shame on me for only having read Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. I’ve actually only bought one book in July, and it was The Hammer of Thor, even though I want to read Riordan’s books in the right order :/

our blades are sharp.png

It’s been a while since I’ve read Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, but I remember that the book included graphic descriptions of animal cruelty. I had a look at my review, and apparently, it also features gore murder scenes and mentions of molestation and rape.

growing strong.png

Except for The Raven Cycle and Harry Potter, there aren’t a lot of books I’ve re-read multiple times. Both series I mentioned, however, do get better and better with every re-read. I have issues with J.K. Rowling and Maggie Stiefvater, but both write foreshadowing perfectly!

If you want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged by me! It’s a lot of fun and on top of that, the questions are very refreshing! Do you know any other book tags I haven’t done yet that are unique? Let me know in the comments, please.


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