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Hello my fellow book lovers! I’m really busy so I didn’t think I’d be able to read ten books (which is my monthly goal for 2018), but I actually managed to complete my goal with one week to spare! I read the majority of the books on my April TBR, so I am satisfied.


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I will start with the books I enjoyed the least and end with the ones I liked the most. When you click on the graphic, you will be brought to the book’s Goodreads page.

starfishI was excited to read Starfish because so many of my friends love it, but sadly, I didn’t connect with it. It could’ve been so incredibly relatable, but instead, I was annoyed with the portrayal of her divorced parents and the ableism. I don’t plan on reading more of this author’s work in the future. I appreciate what she did because most of the representation is #OwnVoices, but I felt dejected when I finished reading this. You can read my full review here.

blood of olympusThe finale of The Heroes of Olympus didn’t change my mind about this series. I’m so disappointed. I want to love Rick Riordan’s work, but every single book has the same plot! You can read my review of the entire series here. That said, I do plan on reading more of his work in the future because I cannot help but hope that it’s going to get better.

sing unburied sing.pngJesmyn Ward did a wonderful job at writing three-dimensional characters and I can see why she has received so much praise. I, however, didn’t love Sing, Unburied Sing. I didn’t feel connected to the plot nor characters and the magical realism elements confused me. You can read my review here.

fenceThough I usually don’t read graphic novels, I really enjoyed Fence at first. But because of the amount of time between the release of each issue, I forgot about the characters and the plot. Though it was fun, I don’t plan on reading the second volume. You can read my review here.

women & power a manifestoI first learnt about Mary Beard during my history lessons in college. Therefore I certainly want to read more of her work. Women & Power was an enjoyable read, but I didn’t learn a whole lot of new information. You can read my review here.

the last black unicornListening to the audiobook of The Last Black Unicorn was a lot of fun! I learnt much about Tiffany Haddish, especially because I didn’t really know her beforehand. That said, there was too much ableism and anti-fat remarks. You can read my review here.

barbed wire heartI was well aware that Barbed Wire Heart is completely different than Far From You and unfortunately, I didn’t love this nearly as much as Tess Sharpe’s YA debut. This was an interesting thriller with feminist themes, but it didn’t blow me away. You can read my full review here.

the darkest mindsMy expectations for The Darkest Minds were very low, but I actually really enjoyed this! Listening to the audiobook was a lot of fun and I’ve decided I will continue this series. You can read my full review here.

american pandaI highly recommend reading American Panda! I loved following Mei’s story and I definitely plan on keeping an eye on this author. The audiobook was great and I want to buy a physical copy because I need it on my shelves! You can read my full review here.

girl made of starsGirl Made of Stars is one of my favourite reads of 2018! This book broke my heart, but it was a bit healing at the same time. Blake continues to amaze me; everything she writes is so relatable, even when I don’t expect it to be. I plan on picking up Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World soon and once this book is released, I’m definitely getting a phyiscal copy! You can read my full review here.


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In terms of ratings April wasn’t my best reading month, but I’m happy I was able to read ten books and discovered a new favourite! Which books did you read this month?


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