TBR | December 2018

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Hello my fellow book lovers! Last month’s TBR wasn’t the biggest success, but I’m nonetheless back with another one today! I would like to reach 100 books in 2018 ASAP – I’m currently at 92 – in order to start my best/worst books of the year lists, so I plan on reading a bunch of short books this month.

Because I am a mood reader, I want wiggle room, so here are some of the books I’d like to read in December!

non fiction

a river in darkness.png

I got a River in Darkness a couple of weeks ago on Kindle because it was on sale. I don’t know much about it, but this memoir about a man’s escape from North Korea has received quite a lot of praise. It was released back in 2000 and is less than 200 pages long, so I shouldn’t take me too long to read this. Because I don’t know a lot of details about the regime in North Korea, I hope this is going to be an insightful read.


I finally gave the Netflix series Mindhunter a chance and wow, it was so much better than the pilot led me to believe! I love true crime and am especially interested in serial killers and FBI profiling, so I’m very keen to read this book! It’s not a short read, but because I plan on picking up the audiobook, it’s going to be fine.


open mic

A while ago I posted a list of anthologies and short story collections I’d like to read, but I haven’t started any of them yet! Because I’d like to reach my new reading goal ASAP, I though this would be the perfect time to finally pick up Open Mic!

fresh ink

Fresh Ink is another anthology I’d like to get to this month. It was made in partnership with We Need Diverse Books and stars authors such as Jason Reynolds and Malinda Lo.


the incendiaries

The Incendiaries is a short literary fiction novel that has received tons of praise! I’m a bit hesitant because I don’t always understand literary fiction, but I nonetheless want to give this a chance!

what we lose.png

What We Lose is a coming-of-age novel about a light-skinned black woman named Thandi who always feels like an outsider. Once again, I hope I am mature enough to understand the themes discussed in this literary fiction novel.

These are the books I would like to get to in December! Despite the number of short books on my TBR, it’s nonetheless daunting because I own physical copies of most of these books, so I’ll have to sit down and read them as opposed to listening to them on audiobook.

Have you read any of these books? Which ones are on your TBR?


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