Most Disappointing Reads | 2018 wrap-up

2018 wrap-up series

Hello my fellow book lovers! Today, I am going to talk about books I read in 2018 I thought I’d love, but didn’t meet my expectations. Don’t confuse this with my upcoming ‘least favourite books of 2018’ post! To me, ‘most disappointing’ and ‘least favourite’ mean completely different things.

These are in no particular order. When you click on the book’s title, you will be brought to my review, which includes content and trigger warnings.

leah on the offbeat

If this list were in a particular order, Leah on the Offbeat would probably be on my no.1 spot. As I stated above, this is not a list of the worst books I’ve read this year. That said, this was so disappointing!!! It’s all I can remember about this book. It felt so different from Becky Albertalli’s previous work and I’m honestly scared to pick up What If It’s Us because of it.

children of blood and boneI very much struggled reading Children of Blood and Bone; I’m surprised I even managed to finish it. Nevertheless, I might pick up the sequel because the ending was promising. I liked Zélie’s magic and Amari. Unfortunately, the rest of the book didn’t live up to the hype: the romance was awful and the plot was rather boring and predictable.

wonder woman warbringer

Did Leigh Bardugo actually write this?? It’s so different from all the bad-assery that is Six of Crows. I was initially incredibly excited about these DC Icons books, but because of Wonder Woman: Warbringer, I decided I won’t even bother with the other ones.

and then there were none

If this is really Agatha Christie’s best book, I won’t read her other work. While the reveal in And Then There Were None surprised me, it also kind of ruined the novel. I would’ve liked more clues throughout the story and an ending that seemed less as an afterthought.

the lost hero

The Heroes of Olympus as a whole, rather than The Lost Hero, was disappointing. Perhaps my expectations were too high, but the plot in every single one of Riordan’s books I’ve read, has been the same; it’s incredibly predictable! That said, I haven’t given up yet and plan on reading his other work nonetheless, but I hope the plot is going to improve.

wild beauty

This is definitely a case of “it’s me, not you”. I am not familiar with magical realism, which is why I have difficulties understanding what’s going on in these type of books. It’s also why I rarely pick up poetry. Wild Beauty was a nice read, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as other reads did. I do plan on reading McLemore’s other work and more books in that genre and hopefully, I’ll grow used to it. a torch against the night

A Torch Against the Night was the first book I finished in 2018, and it wasn’t the best book the start my reading year with. I struggled all through the previous year to read it, but sadly, I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as An Ember in the Ashes. I most likely won’t be continuing this series, despite loving the first book…

What are some of your most disappointing reads of the year? Did you feel the same way about any of these books?


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2 thoughts on “Most Disappointing Reads | 2018 wrap-up

  1. thewolfandbooks says:

    I felt the same about Wonder Woman! I wonder if she is better at writing immersive fantasy than at contemporary fantasy. Also, she writes her male characters way differently, if not better, than her main female characters it seems like… Kaz Brekker, The Darkling, and Stormhound. 👌
    I was super let down by WW because she seems to try really hard to make the teen sound like a teen, so it felt a little cheesy…

    Liked by 1 person

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